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Live Like A KING

Would you like to be seen & live like a king?

Living like a king is everyone’s dream and i know it is what you wish and dream of most every time. it is not a bad thing or an offense to want to live and be seen like a king.
To be seen and live like a king, you have to acquire or own a Landed property/Home in an estate that is built to depict you as someone that is living like a king.
Subscribe to our estate and you will be seen to live like a king, in none other than this sophisticated estate of ours
*Christal Villa -King’s Court*
*Christal Villa King’s Court* is Located in Apakin, Immediately after Oshoroko, Opp. K-zzy Hotel, with fantastic facilities.
*Estate Facilities:*
 Perimeter fencing
 High level security of live and properties
 Accessible road networks
 Well landscaped areas
 Adjoining uses and facilities, recreational facilities,
 shopping centers, car park, garden and parks,
 waste management system, health facilities, banks, markets etc. Stable power supply functional drainage system.
You might think that this estate will be difficult for you to acquire/own a home in?
Our on-going promo has made it possible for you to acquire a Land or Own a home in this estate.
TITLE: *Approved Excision*
For plot bookings and inspection, please leave a comment or send an email.

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