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Land grabbers flee as Obasanjo visits Lagos property

Land grabbers flee as Obasanjo visits Lagos property




The land was bought by ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo about 40 years ago and spans across 2 local government areas; Ibeju Lekki and Eti-Osa LGAs.

The land span from the end of Monastery Road at Sangotedo up to Okun Ajah. Today, in this same axis we have;

– Emperor Estate – one of the most expensive housing estate in Lagos
– Novare Mall – the biggest Shoprite in Nigeria
– The Monastery, Sangotedo: The Catholic Monastery
– Lagos Homes, Sangotedo
– Grenadines Estate, Sangotedo


A plot at this axis is currently going for an average price of N15,000,000.

Now imagine how much Obasanjo would have bought those lands ‘in the bush’ about 40 years. N10 per acre? N50 per acre? N1,000 per acre?

That I can’t say but what I know and sure of is that, if he wants to sell those lands today, it will be in billions.

Let’s assume the land in question is 50 acres in total (which is obviously more than that), and he decides to sell at the current average price of land at this axis for N15m per plot, that is *N4.5bn*.

Wow… that’s a lot of money!

Let’s assumed Obasanjo bought these lands at 10k per acre, 50 acres will be N3m (which is too high as at 40 years ago to buy a land ‘in the bush’).

In assumption, ‘he bought a large expanse of land at the rate of N3 million and the land is worth N4.5 billion naira 40 years after’.

As a real estate investor, you buy land ‘in the bush’, then wait for capital appreciation.

Presently, lands at Ibeju Lekki are the fastest in Nigeria as a whole in terms of development and thus capital appreciation.

You might not have millions of millions to invest right now as the best time to buy a land was 20 years ago, the next best time is NOW.

But with 500k to 12 million naira, you can invest today and wait for just 2 to 5 years and see what happens. If you don’t buy now, that 5 years will still come and go and you will still have to spend that money anyways.

Lands at this axis appreciate over 200% within just a year because of the rapid development happening in this axis as a result of the presence of governments, international and local companies. You need to come and see this place to understand what I am talking about.


Properties with high return on investment you can bank on:

*Royal Flex Phase 3*
Location: Folu Village, Ibeju Lekki
Title: Excision in Process
Price: N600K Per Plot

*Royalty Garden phase 1*
*Location* Idasho, Akodo-ise.
*Title* : Excision in Process
*Actual Price* : #800K

*RoyalFlex Estate Phase 2*
Location: Otolu, Ibeju Lekki
Title: Excision
Price: N2.5M Per Plot

*Beachfront Estate*
Location: Akodo, Ibeju Lekki
Title: Excision
Price: N4.2M Per Plot

*Lekki Sunrise Garden, Lepia Town, Ibeju-Lekki*
*Title* : Excision in Process
*Actual Price* : #1.5M

3 Months installment: #1.8M

*East Amber Estate*
Location: Abijo GRA
Title: Governor’s Consent
Price: N10.5M Per Plot

*Berry Courts*
Location: Off Monatery Road, Sangotedo
Title: C of O
Price: N15M Per Plot

Get yourself as many plots as you can. Invest today!!!

For more details and payment information, send an email.


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