Proposed Excision VS Excision in Progress

Adebowale Olatubosun

I am moved to write this piece as a result of lack of understanding or interpretation of the two subject matters. I am very sure that at the end of this piece, you would have been educated.

The word EXCISION as described by many people in the industry is taking a part out of a whole of a parcel of land and returning it to the root owners whom same was taken from by the virtue of the land use law.

By law, families, community and villages has right to apply for Excision and such can granted after several works and considerations is taken by the government.

An excision of a parcel of land is seen to be in process after which an intention for this has been commenced and communicated by making all the necessary applications to the committee or body set up by the government to be in charge, and also with the ministry of lands and the office of the surveyor general of the state.

After all these have been done and some relevant fees made, the committee in charge acknowledges these moves by assigning an excision file number to the application. This connotes that the government recognises the commencement of the application for excision and all other exercises can hitherto continue until the excision will be granted or denied. At this junction, the said land can be referred to as one undergoing excision or as commonly said, “Excision in process or in progress.”

Proposed excision on the other hand is a land that is recognised to be under acquisition and entitled to apply for an excision but this process has not been initiated at all.

It will be an error of the highest order for any consultant or realtor for that matter to equate excision in process land with a land with a proposed excision.

Before I close on this, let me reiterate it here that not all excision process is granted and secondly, both status as explained above are not a land title and shouldn’t be treated as one.


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