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The Margaret: Nigeria’s first all-female Real Estate development

In an industry where women only represent 33% of professionals, Gilead Global has sparked a revolution with its latest residential project in Ikoyi’s Banana Island.

Experts have already termed it as one of the very few truly luxury developments., owing perhaps to the female-dominance which brings about an increased attention to detail.

The Margaret is a stunning collection of four and five-bedroom townhouses located in Banana Island, Ikoyi and designed by critically acclaimed female architect; Okwi Onuzo in collaboration with London-based Landscape Architect, Moji Adeniran and Sicily-based Interior Architect, Martina Pardo.

As the African cultural saying goes; “the woman owns the home”, the development boasts of specific features, which are extremely pertinent to women.


This is due to its all-star female team of Architects, Engineers and Designers.

The Margaret is an apt name for this modern-English residential enclave, which draws inspiration from the values of Margaret Thatcher, former British Prime Minister fondly referred to as the “Iron lady”.

Hence, its hard exterior is fashioned out of Concrete, Glass and Steel, which conceals its much softer interior of hand-polished wood, natural Carrara marble and other organic materials.

Over the last two decades, Ikoyi has witnessed massive growth and transformation. Going from an old, sleepy, residential area into a modern, mixed-use community. Its streets went from being lined with colonial duplexes with expansive gardens to displaying some of the most ambitious office complexes and high-rise residences.

A drive down Alfred Rewane, Alexander or Bourdillon Road will immediately convince you.

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