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9 Reason to Invest in Champion Court, Ibeju Lekki (Behind Amen Estate).

1. Good Title:

The estate has a government approved excision (excision plan number- LS/D/BK175) meaning it is free from government acquisition.

2. Proximity to key developments: Champion court is right behind the popular Amen estate and other estates.

3. Dry land:

The land at Champion court is 100% dry. With this, you’re sure to be free from the hassle of sand-filling and an over bloated construction cost as a result.

4. Instant Allocation:

Allocation of the plot of land is done as soon as the total sum for the land has been paid.


5. Security and Safety:

Champion Court is a gated community designs to keep residents safe with 24 hours security surveillance. The gated community ensures that encroachment is the least of your worries.

6. Good Accessibility:

The access road to is motorable and 10 minutes drive to the main road.

7. Modern Estate Facilities: Infrastructure such as interlocked roads, solar powered solar lights, a medical facility, recreational area, residents card access etc. will be available in this estate.

8. Serene Environment:

Champion Court  is located in a quiet and peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos. This is the perfect holiday home with the family.

9. Great investment opportunity:

Lands around this environment are more than double in price of Champion court and are always in high demand, because of the projected growth in economic and residential activities in the area.

For payment details and more information on how to secure a plot or more at Champion court, please send an email.


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