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Vincent and Sons Property Managers – Episode 1

Vincent was exhausted and it was just 11:30am. He got his third cup of coffee for the day.

He reminded himself that he preferred this cause of exhaustion to the other one he had to deal with when he first arrived in Lagos .

He had left Awka Etiti with a one bullet vision, mission, objective, action plan or whatever you choose – Get rich or die trying.

His ego had been bruised by his drinking buddies and he had vowed to get money at all costs since money stops nonsense.

He had left the village with his JS3 results, a few clothes, shoes and his uncle’s shop address at Alaba.

Today, 15 years later, he was dealing with “rich man’s problems”. He had to deal with either the owners of the properties that his company managed, their tenants or law enforcement agencies. The work was stressful, sure, but he preferred that kind of stress to the stress of poverty.


Today, he was dealing with tenants that were complaining about the quality of the tap water. They had just repaired the water pumping machine and now the quality of the water was an issue. The owner of the property was still trying to breathe after spending what he did on the pumping machine.

The property owner had recommended that the tenants contribute the money required to engage the borehole expert that would assess the water quality issue and come up with the solutions. After all, the tenants were directly affected by the issue.

Vincent was not really sure about the position of the law on an issue like this. He had recommended that the property owner have a meeting with the tenants but she insisted that she was not willing to discuss this. Vincent and Sons Property Managers Limited was verbally instructed to send an email informing the tenants of the decision to have them bear the cost of the investigation.

He had sent out the email, as instructed. To his surprise, one of the tenants approached the courts to challenge the decision. Vincent and Sons Property Managers was joined as a respondent in the law suit.

Vincent was glad he listened to his friend and engaged a freelance corporate lawyer. He quickly sent an email to the lawyer.

He decided to check his emails and he saw a proposal from a property development company for Vincent and Sons Property Managers to market their properties.

Just as he was about to put off his phone to save the battery, the message that changed his entire summer came in.

“I think I’m pregnant”
Stay tuned for more stories from Vincent and Sons Property Managers.


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