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Vincent and Sons Property Managers – Episode 2

Adaeze wondered why Vincent was acting shadier than the already shady Vincent she knew. What was he up to this time? She was actually tired of harassing the women she suspected that he was having affairs with. He always lied that they were his clients whose property he was managing. She knew that one day, he would run out of lies. When that day would come, she could not tell.

She had put her all into raising their kids and building the home. She had tried all the tricks she knew to keep Vincent faithful but she knew he was jumping from bed to bed.

She had spoken with a counselor that advised her to start a business and take her mind off Vincent. She had decided to take her future into her own hands.


Sharon did not expect Vincent to request a DNA test. He said he wanted the test even while she was pregnant. She had read about the risks associated with that intrusive DNA test and had told him to wait till the child was born. He insisted that the DNA test was a condition for him to accept the child. There was a second condition but even that one was subject to condition #1. In addition, she was to resign as a property consultant in Vincent and Sons Property Managers Ltd and get paid off handsomely. She was not sure she wanted this entire drama. Vincent was definitely more shrewd than she gave him credit for. Things were definitely not going according to plan…
Barrister Johnson was getting ready for the day when someone knocked. His wife went to check who it was and told him that the “head tenant” was the one at the door. They had given Mr. Agboso the nickname because he was the tenant that had lived in the 20 flat apartment the longest. Everyone wondered if his umbilical cord was buried under the tree in the compound. Tenants had come and gone but Mr. Agboso remained. From the looks of things, Mr Agboso appeared to be doing well enough to have built his own house and relocated there.

“Barrister Johnson, good morning”

Mr. Agboso spoke gently, as usual.

“How are you doing? How is the family? I see you are heading out of the house for somewhere obviously important so I won’t waste your time. I’m here to discuss the law suit you filed against the property owner and the property manager”.

“Thanks for going straight to the point, Mr. Agboso. I have an 8am appointment I can’t afford to miss. Please can we schedule a better time in the evening to discuss the matter?”

“Sure, Barrister Johnson. That definitely works for me. Have a pleasant day and all the best with the meeting”.

After Mr. Agboso left, Mrs Johnson brought the issue up again.

“Ikenna, my beloved husband, this path you are taking scares me o. I don’t want to become a widow at this age o. We still have 4 kids to train and you know their school fees alone require both of our resources. This is not the UK o; this is Naija. Nna, reconsider your stance. The amount we are to contribute is far less than the resources we will commit to see this lawsuit to its logical conclusion. My husband, think deeply about this course of action”.

” Obidia, my Oriaku, I have heard you. I will think about it deeply. Now, can I go for my meeting, ma? I’m running late”.

They both laughed as she helped him knot his tie properly.
Stay tuned for more stories from Vincent and Sons Property Managers Ltd.

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